ESES 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,

it is a great pleasure and privilege for me to invite you to the 10th ESES postgraduate meeting in Mainz, May 18th to 20th 2023. I’m confident, that restriction for face-to-face meetings due to the pandemic will be history by then. Moreover, I think that we all yearn for the possibility of professional discussion, networking, research initiatives, and social contacts.

The meeting in Mainz will focus on “advanced endocrine malignancies”. My feeling is, that especially in these cases, we are faced with many uncertainties and the opinions about indications and limits of surgery are very diverse. As usual, working groups will prepare profound statements based on in-depth literature reviews and research data for malignancies of thyroid, adrenal, and gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine system. Of course, original research results will also be presented.

Besides the meeting, “Golden Mainz” (aurea moguntia) offers great opportunities to make your stay unforgettable. The city is located at the Rhine river between two of Germany’s most renowned wine regions, the Rheingau to the north and Rhinehessen to the south. There are countless traditional wine taverns and sophisticated tasting rooms to be found in Mainz. In addition, you may visit the Gutenberg museum with the Gutenberg Bibel, St. Stephan with the blue luminous stained glass windows of the artist Marc Chagall or one of many other interesting sights.

Hoping to welcome many of you to Mainz in May 2023!

On behalf of the local organizing committee

Thomas J. Musholt